MitoTec™ Success Story

Overview: For Southern Illinois Wireless Internet (4SIWI) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in Marion, IL. The goal of For Southern Illinois Wireless Internet is to bring high speed internet to rural areas that are currently under served or not served at all.

Challenge:4SIWI had a VOIP Carrier that decided to leave Illinois. This left 4SIWI in a position where they had to find a VOIP carrier that could be up and running quickly with minimal disruption for their current customers.

Requirements:4SIWI knew that disruption of VOIP service to their existing customers would be devastating, and they needed a company that could handle the switch easily. They also needed a carrier with trained experts that could help them set up their service and manage them on troubleshooting it.

Solution:MitoTec™was called in to do just that. The expert network engineers at MitoTec™were able to work with 4SIWI’s team and their existing customers to ensure superior service with minimal disruption. The 4SIWI team was trained on the carrier service, and MitoTec™quickly and effectively ported more than 40 customers to the new service.

Results:MitoTec’s team of expertly trained engineers and IT professionals was able to institute a new VOIP system for the customer while training the customer’s team on how to properly use and troubleshoot the system. They ported over all their existing customers with little to no disturbance in service and they did so in a timely, effective manner that allowed business to continue running smoothly throughout the whole process.

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