Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide reliable, secure, and cost-effective electronic payment services for recurring billing along with access to capital for build out and equipment leasing options to help support our client's global expansion, growth, and profitability.

  • Who We Are

    ConVergence Technologies, Inc., partners with companies like yours to spur growth and profitability by providing administrative management and back office operational services.

    Since our founding in 1995, we have supported and helped grow companies in industries such as credit-card processing, network technology, distribution, and Leasing businesses.

    Over the past few years, ConVergence has provided services to several wholly owned corporations including: CTIconnect, IPpay, MitoTec and Zappte.

    The ConVergence reach is deep and wide. Our experienced C-Level team provides leadership in accounting, business development, cloud-based enterprise resource planning, engineering, management, marketing, payroll, and supply chain operation.

    We provide administrative services and oversight allowing you to concentrate on driving revenue.

About Us:

ConVergence Technologies, Inc. has been providing administrative and management support services to multiple business units since 1995. Over that period, ConVergence has developed answers to clients’ and industry needs. Those solutions have redefined execution of credit card processing, technology, distribution and communications needs for businesses.

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