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Overview: Plymouth Joint School District in Wisconsin. Plymouth.k12.wi.us is a small system of public schools serving Plymouth and surrounding communities in eastern Wisconsin. With three elementary campuses, one middle school, and one high school, Plymouth K-12 enrolls just under 3,000 students, with high standards for educational e·xcellence, extracurricular activities, and community engagement.

Challenge:Online resources are a key component of all education subjects. To provide meaningful learning activities, the connectivity and access to the internet must be consistently reliable and stable when a classroom of students conduct simultaneous searches. The students, teachers , faculty, and guests had trouble accessing and staying connected to the network, which wouldn't support more than 30 simultaneous users per Access Point. Connections needed for learning activities, standardized student assessment , and administrative applications regularly slowed and failed, resulting in frustration .

Requirements:Plymouth School District needed an affordable solution that could increase capacity , expanding rather than replacing their existing equipment, with no interruption for their students. Not only would the new equipment enable connection for regular use by nearly 3,000 users, the system's capacity needed to handle more than double that number for public events held at any of the district's campuses. Installment of the upgrade also had to be simple; self- deployment was the most practical option for the small public-school system's limited budget.

Solution:The solution was found with Cambium Networks cnPilot™ e400 APs, mounting 150 of them throughout the five school buildings. This solution, integrated with cnMaestro ™ network management system, quadrupled Plymouth's client capacity and ended user complaints.

Results: Plymouth K-12 is pleased with their upgraded network with consistent high capacity and improved speed for both regular use and high-traffic event access. Cambium products provide quality and reliability at a price point that worked for the district's resources, ensuring their students are supported in the rapidly changing world of modern learning. Additionally, they plan to extend their Cambium wireless network to upgrade nearby remote schools.

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