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In 2017, ConVergence Technologies, Inc. organized its business units into three wholly owned subsidiaries of ConVergence Technologies, Inc.: IPpay LLC, MitoTec LLC and CTIconnect LLC.

  • CTIconnect LLC is the premier distributor of fixed wireless, telecommunications, network infrastructure and computer systems for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Cable Operators, Telephone Companies, Utilities, Government, Enterprise, Transportation and Industrial Networks in North America.

    CTIconnect combines systems and hardware from leading telecommunications, network infrastructure, computer and technology companies with world class engineering, network design and superior supply chain services, to provide a total system solution. CTIconnect is your best choice for helping organizations do what they do best; solve their customers’ needs.

    As part of our goal to provide infrastructure solutions at competitive pricing, CTIconnect has developed our Apex9 brand of hardware and accessory solutions with industry leading quality and value.

    CTIconnect LLC is a member of the ConVergence Technologies, Inc. family of companies. ConVergence Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is the parent company of CTIconnect LLC, IPpay LLC and MitoTec LLC.

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  • IPpay LLC is a global electronic payments processor and provider of multiple merchant services. IPpay is a leading “Card-not-Present” credit card processor in North America and provides merchant processing, leasing and lending services. IPpay was founded to solve Card-Not-Present issues for recurring payment processing. IPpay’s platform provides simple implementation and seamless integration that allows merchants to benefit without negative impact to their customers or disruption of services.

    IPpay offers month-to-month agreements, no early termination fees, lowest gateway fee in the industry, free tokenization, expired billing services and uninterrupted recurring transactions.

    From processing payments to seeking leasing for your growing business, IPpay is your single source solution. Make Cash Flow with IPpay by logging on to IPpay LLC is a member of the ConVergence Technologies, Inc. family of Companies. ConVergence Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is the parent company of CTIconnect LLC, IPpay LLC and MitoTec LLC.

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  • MitoTec LLC, provides wholesale network deployment services, voice services, Internet Access, datacenter services, and the MitoTec Technology Platform for Business.

    The MitoTec Business Technology Platform is a single source solution for replacing costly and complicated business IT infrastructure. The MitoTec Platform provides 100% of the technology and communication needs for any business. The platform is provided at a per-user/per month fee and includes internet access, all desktop and laptop computers, including licensing fees for Microsoft operating systems, Office applications, business class phone service, server and network infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery, customer service support and the ability to easily access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. View your desktop from your cell phone, IPad or tablet. Confidently enjoy unmatched availability of your business applications and data with the highest levels of access and security.

    MitoTec LLC also provides traditional individual computing, datacenter and networking services, or with the MitoTec Business Technology Platform, provides all of the IT infrastructure and services you need to operate your business on a fixed per user/per month cost basis. MitoTec allows you to operate your business with a fixed, scalable and guaranteed annual cost for all of your IT and communication needs. There is a better way, and MitoTec is the solution.

    MitoTec LLC is a member of the ConVergence Technologies, Inc. family of Companies. ConVergence Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is the parent company of CTIconnect LLC, IPpay LLC and MitoTec LLC.

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  • Over the last 12 years, iNetCapital™ management has built a client portfolio that includes several of the largest independent broadband network operators in the U.S. Along the way, we have built a strong reputation as a specialty lender that understands the potential needs of startup and development-stage companies, and can provide credit facilities that allow such clients to meet customer demand, and grow quickly. The management team at iNetCapital™ has spent the time needed to develop a thorough understanding of the industries in which we offer financing, and our clients’ business models. iNetCapital™ helps our clients refine their business plan so their cash flow exceeds debt repayments as a result of the financing provided, thus supporting the client’s potential for significant growth and value of his/her company.

    How do we bring value to the customer? iNetCapital™ provides the capital to grow and expand your business through innovative funding programs.

    Our biggest differentiator is we know and understand your business. The Founders of iNetCapital™ have experience starting and running WISP’s and ISP’s, and we are one of very few lending sources that fund into this space. Traditional lenders don’t understand this industry; if they don’t understand it they won’t fund it. We not only understand the space, we provide affordable funding to the operators who want to grow.

    What is meant by our “new and innovative finance facilities?” Varied terms and allowances for funding. iNetCapital™ funds customer acquisition costs, and we fund competing business acquisitions, vehicles, soft costs such as labor, marketing, cabling, shipping, and more. We think outside the box. We love our clients to think of new ways we can support them. We are a cash flow based lender for businesses with recurring revenues, and we will be your trusted lending partner.

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About Us:

ConVergence Technologies, Inc. has been providing administrative and management support services to multiple business units since 1995. Over that period, ConVergence has developed answers to clients’ and industry needs. Those solutions have redefined execution of credit card processing, technology, distribution and communications needs for businesses.

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